Map your travel with your own RPi Tracking device and share your Crumb Share route map online with family, friends, and followers.

The Tracking Device

The RPi Tracker is a small computer with a GPS that you can wire into your boat, your van, or attach to a battery pack and throw in your backpack.  It will record your movements and when you connect it to wi-fi, it will allow you to upload your bread crumb trail to a map that you can then share.

Crumb Share Service

Once you purchase your Crumb Share device, you can sign up for our optional mapping service that will automatically map out the bread crumb trail as you travel on your own personalized map that you can then share through your profile, with your personalized link on your blog, or email to family & friends.

No matter how you choose to travel the world…

By Foot

Whether you are just the occasional day hiker or an avid explorer, you can plug your RPi Tracker into the battery pack, toss it in your backpack, and head out into the wild. The Tracker will be recording your route and storing your bread crumb trail even without an internet connection and allow you to keep track of and share your favorite hiking trails.

By Land

As you take to the road in your van or RV, you can plug in your RPi Tracker and map out your journey, no matter how far you’re going. Your bread crumb trail can then be used for your own travel journal or shared with the world online.

By Sea

As you take to the seas, you can wire your RPi Tracker into your boat’s electrical system and forget about it. Not only will it track where you’ve been, but it will allow you to remember and share some of your favorite anchorages with your fellow cruisers both near and far.

Crumb Share allows you to track and share your journey.

Become a
Crumb Share Hero


As a Crumb Share Hero, you will get a free Tracker and free service for life.  We will promote you quarterly on our blog and share your journey with our audience!  Plus, you, your website, and your social media channels will be featured on our Heroes page.  We will also be looking to you for feedback so that we can continue to make improve the user experience.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”


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