Share Your Journey.

Once you have your RPi Tracker, come join the community of other adventurers, share your story, and share your journey.

When you sign up for the Crumb Share Service, you will have access to the member portal which will include everything you need to share your journey with the Crumb Share community as well as your friends, family, blog followers, and whoever else you want to include in your journey.

Within the portal, you will find:


Your map that will be connected to your RPi Tracker and will update automatically when it has a wi-fi connection

An embed code for your map that will allow you to share it anywhere you want on the web

A shareable link for your map to email or message directly to friends and family

The option to download your data files to use as you want

The option to set up “Keep Out” Coordinates so that you can protect sensitive locations that you would prefer to keep private

Your Crumb Share Profile that you can customize and keep private or make public to share with the world

Try it risk free!

When you sign up, you will receive a trial month absolutely free!  If you don’t wish to continue with the service at the end of the month, then you don’t pay!  If you do want to continue, you will then have the option to pay on a month to month basis or sign up for the annual subscription.

So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up below and share your journey.